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Healing Magic

Explore movement and meditation with sound healing
and magic circles in this York Spring Retreat with Mobilates

Sunday 28th April 2024, 1.30pm - 5.30pm
Saint Aelred's Community Centre,
216b Fifth Avenue, Tang Hall, York
YO31 0PN

Your investment - £55 (or £49 if booking before 1st April)

(Please note, if you are new to Mobilates, to attend this retreat day you will need to complete
a health form upon booking so that we are insured to teach you.)

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Healing Magic (2).png

Ever since Mobilates moved classes online, members have relished every opportunity

to get together and meet in real life!!

We've had a few casual gatherings, and now retreats throughout the UK are a regular part of what Mobilates offers. You will take part in gentle, accessible activities, enjoy the chance to meet local people living with chronic health conditions and mobility issues, and learn techniques to support you on an ongoing basis, indulge in wholesome locally sourced food and take some time out for your body and mind.

Check out one of our retreats in Devon:

And some pictures from one of our retreats in Kent:

What is included

Top quality and well loved facilitators with expertise in working with

people with chronic health conditions and mobility issues.

Cake! With vegan and gluten free options*

All drinks throughout the day.

Any equipment needed other than a mat, blanket and cushion.

A beautiful and supportive environment, with inclusive activities to be

able to relax and feel connected to others.

*Gluten is used in the kitchen. So, although the catering company will do a thorough clean down

between runs, all items may contain traces of gluten.


1.30pm - Arrive and chill with refreshments
2pm - Leanne and Maddy - Some form of fun activity to help you all settle in
2.30pm - Santana - Qigong/Meditation
3.15pm - Leanne - Magic Circle Pilates
4pm - Tea and cake break
4.30pm - Santana - Healing Sound Bath
5.15pm - Close and goodbye

(Although we'd love you to join us at the pub for dinner if you still have the energy!)

Healing Magic (2).png

Meet the team

Leanne demonstrating a seated move with one leg up, passing a ball underneath.jpg

Retreat main contact, Facilitator and Accessible Movement and Pilates Instructor

Leanne - Mobilates

Please contact Leanne if you have any questions about the retreat. Leanne will be the main facilitator for the afternoon and will be there to support you throughout.

Leanne has hEDS, POTs, Endometriosis and other associated health conditions that have at times impacted on her ability to walk and move around easily. She is a fully experienced and qualified fitness instructor who specialises in working with people with chronic health conditions and mobility issues and is able to adapt classes to support and enable everyone to join in.

Magic Circle Pilates - Your chance to experience the magic of the Pilates Ring, otherwise know as the Magic Circle! Feel the gentle resistance of the ring activate your muscles as you mindfully integrate it into your body to support and challenge your movement. Adaptations are available for all needs. Please make sure your health form is completed in advance if you are new to Mobilates.

Complete health form here.


Venue Host and Facilitator

Maddy Morgan

Maddy, one of our longest term Mobilates members found and checked out the gorgeous venue for us. She has lead hundreds of people in a work capacity and also as a Brownie Leader so is well used to planning and supporting events and activities We will be well looked after in her company.


Qigong and Sound Bath Practitioner

Santana - Warrior Healing

Santana from Warrior Healing and Mobilates Member will be leading Qigong and a Sound Bath. With a back ground in Social Work and Dance, Santana had to take a long break after becoming swamped in injuries and illness related to hEDS and was a wheelchair user. After finding a way to regain strength and health through Qigong, she aims to share this experience with as many people as possible. She is a specialist in working with Trauma Survivors and has a strong understanding of how health difficulties impact our relationship with movement.


Explore Qigong, an ancient movement practice for the mind, body and spirit, in this accessible introduction. I will guide you through relaxation, mindfulness and meditation in a flow of gentle movements designed specifically for health and wellbeing.

Sound Bath

Finally, let the tones of the gong wash over you, improving mood, sleep and pain. If you haven’t experienced a sound bath before then you are in for a treat! Let go, enjoy the vibrations and enter a new expanse of bliss.


The Venue

St. Aelred’s Community Centre

St Aelred's Community Centre is a modern, fully accessible venue just 2 miles outside of York city centre. It has plenty of parking, level access into and throughout the building, accessible toilets, a lovely kitchen and plenty of space for us. We will have a separate room for chill out space where you can relax and take a break whenever you need.

Healing Magic (2).png

What you will need to bring

A water bottle - we have access to water, it will just help to have your water close to you throughout the day.

Any additional snacks you may need to keep you going.

A pillow, Pilates mat and blanket.

Wear comfortable clothes you can move easily in.

If you love baking and would like to bring cake to share please feel free. Please bring a list of ingredients to display.

A takeaway tub or two, or four(!) so you can take home

leftover cake- unless we eat it all!

Read our feedback from recent retreats: 

"Thank you all for a wonderful day yesterday, it’s given me such a boost and I’m going to work out a way of fitting live classes back into my routine once the summer holidays are over." (Emily)


"What an absolutely awesome day.

Thank you to everyone for such a wonderful experience of calm and relaxation. 

Thank you for organising such fabulous food, the salads were so lovely, very pleased I brought my box to take some home with me. It was a lovely spread and clearly catered for both my vegan and gluten free requirements. It was labelled very clearly and even the smallest details of appropriate sauces had been thought about too. Such lovely food that topped off such an amazing day. Xx" (Libby)


"Thank you for a wonderful day.

It was so lovely to meet some of the faces you get to see in your classes. 
Such a pleasure to me you Leanne and Kerry after all the support you give during classes,

such lovely ladies." (Sam)


"Put your hand up if you went to bed when you got home and only woke up for dinner over an hour later.... 
Just me? 😅
I wanted to say thank you to everyone who came today.  I was so anxious this morning about spending any length of time in one room with so many people I'd never met in person (I mean, the full sweating/heart pounding type of anxiety!)
I told myself that I only had to stay for an hour... then until lunchtime... then until we left the hall... Then suddenly I was in a wonderful garden eating gorgeous cake!
I can't remember the last time I was ever that chilled out about being around so many new people and I'm still processing all of it tbh.
I hope all of you had a lovely day as well, and that you managed to get to your next destinations safely. And I'll share a saying that came back to me for the first time in years and has really struck a chord with me today:
"I'd rather regret the things I've done than the things I haven't" 😉" (Sharon


"It was such a lovely day sharing our love of Pilates with people we’d only seen online before.

A wonderful day with wonderful people. Here’s to the next ‘event’ and a chance to meet you all again x" (Sue)

"A nurturing and fun day 💜💜💜" (Sophie)

Healing Magic (2).png
Healing Magic (2).png
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