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In-person Memberships
Paddock Wood

Monthly in-person Memberships

"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body". (Joseph Pilates)

We encourage you to think about your body and what you can manage each week. We would love to invite you to try a mixture of in-person classes and online classes so that you can start noticing the difference faster.


To help you fit these classes into your lifestyle, we are offering you the chance to have 50% OFF your first-month membership! 

Redeem your code NEWBIE50%OFF to claim 50% off your first month:

1 x in-person &

1 x online class p/w

Take part in 1 x one hour in-person class and 1 x one hour online class. 

Or substitute for the equivalent time in online classes.

Works out at £6.26 per class

2 x in-person
classes p/w

​Take part in 2 x one-hour in-person classes plus supplement with additional free online classes. The WalkFit add-on is included in this. 

Works out at £5.53 per class  if only one additional online class accessed.

1 x in-person
class p/w

Take part in 1 x one hour in-person class.

Or substitute for 1 x one hour or 2 x half hour online classes if you can't make an in-person class.

Works out at £9.96 per class

If you have a partner or friend that you would like to bring and one of you is willing to be the lead payer then take advantage of this special offer for couples or friends coming to the same class each week.

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