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Online Group Classes

Join our group classes where you can enjoy the delights of Pilates from the safety of your own home. 


Classes are live, fully interactive and great fun!


Benefits of group classes online:

  • Fun and social

  • Safe, warm and comfortable

  • Save your energy for movement instead of travelling to the class

  • All movements have modifications and progressions, so you will always be able to join in and feel challenged.

  • You will soon feel stronger and better than you felt before, not only physically but mentally too!

Scroll through your options below and watch the video to work out which classes are right for you and what equipment is needed for each.



Our gentlest class where all the exercises are done seated aimed at people who find it hard to stand for long or short periods of time, feel unsteady on their feet or want to conserve energy. This class features seated Pilates moves, mobility, stretches and strengthening. You’ll use balls and bands as well and household items to enhance your movement.


40 minutes

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