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Meet Callie

Transformation Coach & Hypnotherapist

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How I got here ...

my knees had given up on me: I was completely housebound & very frustrated


Pilates is my form of zen. My way to meditate, to find a sense of inner peace and calm, while ensuring my body moved well. What on earth was I to do now? In 2018 I found myself permanently on crutches after a diagnosis of severe osteoarthritis in both knees. My regular Mat Pilates classes were an impossibility - I physically couldn’t get to class, and getting down and hoiking myself back up off the floor was excruciatingly painful. No more Reformer classes, too *sob*.


After months and months of struggling emotionally and physically, I plucked up the courage to email Leanne. We’d met while training as NUTRIRI facilitators, and had just ‘clicked’. I trusted her not to laugh at me. Was there ANY possibility I could take part in her online Pilates classes?


After a one-to-one with Leanne, I was all set. And my love of stretching with pingy bands and balls (big and small!) was encouraged, meaning I was able to fully take part in Pilates doing all my favourite things! Everyone in class was so supportive, and even if I had a really bad “pain” day, I could just pop myself into a restorative pose with my beloved balls and still be part of the class.


Leanne and Kerry are currently helping me to to build a strong core, in preparation for a LOT of upcoming surgical procedures, while I chuckle and grunt my way through classes.


What I do …

I have led occasional guided relaxation, creative meditation and hypnosis sessions for Mobilates members, which led to Leanne’s invitation to facilitate our Tuesday Togetherness sessions each week. (Leanne will also happily tell you herself that she and her beautiful Martha had hypnotherapy sessions with me, too, which is why she’s a big fan!)


As an ardent lifelong learner, my list is long - so here are the most relevant to my role in the Mobilates team:

APCCA Creative Arts Facilitator

BFA Focusing Certification

Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation Teacher

Compassion Focused Therapy and Pain Management

E.D.I.T.(TM) (Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy)

Heal Your Inner Child


Hypnotherapy, with additional psychotherapy training

Laughter Yoga Teacher

Life Purpose Quest Facilitator

Life Story Coach Facilitator

Mindful Art and Meditation Teacher

NUTRIRI Facilitator (food and body ease, coaching, hypnotherapy)

R.E.B.T. (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy) Certification

Resilience Practitioner


(If you are already a Mobilates member and would like to see me for a one to one, please email Leanne at for a discount code.)

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