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In Person Classes
Paddock Wood Community Centre, Kent, TN12 6ED

Leanne demonstrating a seated move with one leg up, passing a ball underneath.jpg

Seated Pilates

Tuesdays 11.15am

A gentle, accessible Pilates class that will ease your aches and pains, help you move more freely and give you the confidence to keep moving.

Ideal for people with long-term health conditions or mobility issues.

Or you are struggling with pain and aches and stiffness and find it hard getting around.

All the exercises are done seated or using the support of the chair.

This includes supported standing and supported balance work alongside mobility, strengthening, stretching and relaxation.

Pilates Lite

Tuesdays 10am, 6pm and Thursday 5.15pm

A gentle, accessible Pilates class that will ease your pain and stiffness and help you move more freely,

for those new to Pilates or who need to take it gently.  

This is a traditional Pilates class with standing and lying down moves as well as adaptations for those who need it. 

This class focuses on balance, functional movement, core strength and mobility and will end with relaxation.  You will leave the class feeling refreshed, relaxed and relieved from aches and pains.

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