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Online Memberships

At mobilates you have options of two types of online membership, a 6-month or monthly.

6 month membership
6 Month Unlimited Membership

Your opportunity to invest in yourself for the next 6 months with a subsidised 6-month membership.  There is only one of these available per month but as you are a newbie you can snap it up straight away.

Save yourself over £100* in your first 6 months of unlimited classes by using the code GIMMEE100 when you buy the "6-month enhanced mobility membership" here.

*£59 monthly charge for unlimited memberships = £354 over 6 months. You can invest in the 6-month membership for £254 in the first 6 months making this unlimited membership even less than the 2 x per week classes! Making each class less than £2.70 if attending 4 classes per week or £3.60 when attending 3 classes per week!

Monthly Online Memberships

"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body". (Joseph Pilates)

We encourage you to think about your body and what you can manage each week. However, to entice you into trying 2 or more classes per week so you can start noticing the difference faster, we are offering you the chance to have 50% OFF your first-month membership! 

Redeem your code NEWBIE50%OFF to claim 50% off your first month from either the 2x or unlimited memberships:

Unlimited classes

Take part in 3+ sessions a week from our regular timetable. Some members come daily or even twice a day!

£3.77 per class if doing 4 per week and even less if doing more!

2 x classes per week

Take part in 2 sessions a week from our regular timetable.

£5.87 per class 

1 x class per week

Take part in 1 session a week.

£7.91 per class 

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