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Meet Kerry

Pilates Instructor & Crafts Facilitator

Kerry Mobilates Instructor

Hi, I am Kerry and thanks to Leanne and Mobilates, a long-held ambition and a wonderful training school, I’m a Pilates teacher with a level three Pilates teaching diploma.


Like many of you, I came to Pilates through injury. For me, it was postnatal joint and tendon issues, a little bit of age-related wear and tear plus I’m a long-term migraine sufferer. I’ve always loved fitness classes from aerobics to Zumba and dance but in my 30s my body started to struggle and injuries became more frequent. So I tried my first Pilates class and I’ve been feeling the benefits ever since! My body has become stronger and more resilient so although I still have joint and tendon challenges, Pilates keeps me supported and active. In my 50s, Pilates is helping me through all the hormonal and physical changes and I can’t even imagine a time in my life when I’m not practising Pilates regularly!


I teach Mobilates Pilates classes alongside Leanne both online and in person. I love that it’s not just your physical body that benefits, but your mental well-being too. When I’m teaching Pilates I encourage you to be in the here and now, concentrating on what your body needs, and how it feels and moves. You’ve created this time for yourself and whatever your challenges, you’re going to feel the benefits. 

Training undertaken includes:

Seated & Supported Cherry Baker Education

Fitness Pilates Mindful, Breathing & Relaxation CPD

Elite Pilates Small Equipment Green Balls

Elite Pilates Small Equipment Resistance Bands

Elite Pilates Small Equipment Hand Weights


Community Lectures:

Breathe Education: Pilates for Spondylolisthesis and Pars Fracture with Raphael Bender

Breath Education: Anatomy & Biomechanics of Diastasis Recti with Raphael Bender

Cancer and Exercise- Movement Matters, Professor Anna Campbell MBE (Fitpro)


First Aid level 3

(If you are already a Mobilates member and would like to see me for a one to one, please email Leanne at for a discount code.)

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