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Terms & Conditions

When you sign up to a membership you agree to the following
terms and conditions:

We do not operate like the big gyms out there who rely on members signing up for a year and not attending! We actually would like to see your faces as much as possible. So, we do not sign you up to lengthy contracts. You can cancel your membership at any time in writing to Please give a minimum of 2 working days’ notice so we have time to stop the next payment coming out.

As we are such a small business, we are unable to offer refunds for any memberships, classes, packages that you feel you are unable to make the most of.  However, in exceptional circumstances you can use the credits for a future membership or classes. If you make an accidental payment, in some circumstances we will refund this payment, although the fees for the transaction will be taken out of the refund.

Team holiday:
When investing in a membership (this does not relate to packages and one off classes), you are paying for 47 weeks of classes and to help you, Leanne has spread your payments throughout the year. This means you will be paying a reduced amount on a monthly basis and this money will come out automatically from your account. This means Mobilates Instructors will take off 5 weeks each year and you will not be paying for our time off.  We will endeavour to be on leave at separate times so you should always have classes to choose from in each week - in effect this means you actually get some free weeks that you don't pay for if you book into an alternative class!!

Unable to attend a class:
Should you be unable to attend an online class, you may cancel it so you can use that credit for an alternative online class, or you can keep the booking so you can receive a recording of that class. 
If you have an in-person membership, should there be space in another in-person class, you can use the credit for that as well as receive a recording.  If you cannot make an in-person class, please do cancel your space with as much notice as possible, either through your reminder email or by emailing us at This will enable us to help all members to use their credits for catch ups, making sure we remain as flexible as possible. (We do understand if you are unwell on the day and cannot make a class so please don't ever worry if that is the case. You will still receive a credit for an online class and recording.)


If Mobilates cannot run a class:
If Mobilates is forced to cancel a class, we will always endeavour to find cover first but if that is not possible, we will let you know as soon as possible, send you a recording and credit that class back to your account. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds but would encourage you to use the credit to rebook.


Class recordings:
For each class that you book, you will receive a recording of that class, whether you attend it or not. This means you can fit these classes around your lifestyle but also so that you can repeat a session multiple times. We will send you the recording within a week of the class but will try to send it within 2 working days. This recording will last until the next recording of that type is sent out, at which point the previous one will be deleted.

All members with unlimited monthly, 6 monthly or yearly memberships will have access to the Video Library where a selection of recordings will regularly be uploaded. Members who do not have an unlimited membership can access the Video Library for an additional monthly fee.

Booking your classes:
When investing in any membership, it is your responsibility to sign up to the classes you wish to attend. If you find it difficult to book your own classes please email with a minimum notice of 2 working days with the class type, time and day. We will book your classes for that quarter but please keep track of or diarise when you need to ask us to book more classes for you.


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