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Meet Santana

Trauma Informed Qigong Practitioner
and Sound Therapist for Mobilates


I’m Santana, Trauma Informed Qigong Practitioner and Sound Therapist for Mobilates and my own Community Interest Company called Warrior Healing.


I’m a neurodivergent, queer, disabled parent with a lived experience of Chronic illness, pain and Trauma. 


I have really struggled with debilitating chronic illnesses, mostly stemming from a genetic condition I have called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and also due to having experienced severe trauma in my lifetime.


Since starting college as a teen mum, I have focused heavily on the social sciences and later went to University where I studied Social Work. I have worked at a charity I helped create for adult survivors of sexual abuse since university and more recently I have been a board member for a Social Housing group where I championed disabled and disadvantaged customers.


I’ve been practicing (mostly from my living room) Qigong for 10years, starting off as a wheelchair user who lived in constant pain and I could hardly move my body at all. Slow and steady, I have not only regained my mobility but I have reduced or removed medications too! 2 years ago I added in Mobilates classes to my routine after meeting Leanne through EDS UK and started with their seated classes. Now I’m able to do all the classes and I have recently joined a gym! I believe this type of movement is suitable for everyBODY and I am so excited to share this healing wisdom and form of relaxation with you, seated, supported or standing.  


My hobbies include reading, podcasts, writing poetry, crochet, and spending time in nature and occasional these days I can go watch a band play!

  • Social Sciences Diploma Level 3 -2007

  • Counselling Skills Level 2 - 2008

  • Social Work CertHE Level 4 - 2010

  • Children's and Young peoples mental health Level 2 - 2017

  • Sound Therapy Practitioner with UK Holistic Training - 2023

  • Qigong Practitioner Level 7 - Student- Teacher training in progress

  • First Aid Level 3 - In progress

  • Trauma Informed Practitioner - Refresher in progress 

(If you are already a Mobilates member and would like to see me for a one to one, please email Leanne at for a discount code.)

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